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 Steve Dennaford


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Name: Steve Dennaford
Nicknames: Sonic, Dennaford, Scooby, Stevey D
D.O.B: 24/09/1978
West Ham United
Date Signed: 29/09/2004
Signed From/Other Clubs: Potters Bar
Registration No: 177
Profession: Telemarketing Executive
Most Memorable Moment/s: Scoring the quickest goal in manic history- 21 seconds in a friendly match vs Downshire Arms.
Years Service:

After making his move to Bracknell Manics, Steve Dennaford is began looking to challenge for the number one shirt at BMFC, and in his first season Steve Dennaford was also able to play out on pitch - which, on top of his commitment, made him a valuable asset to the clubs success in division one.

Deciding to concentrate his ability out on pitch rather then in goal, Dennaford scored 2 goals and assisted 2 goals in his first season with the club. Dennaford has joined the reserves for their first season, but encountered injury problems.

Dennaford claimed the number 1 shirt in goal in the 2006-2007 for the Reserves when Chris Adams took on the challenge to play out on pitch. Dennaford was later nicknamed 'the cat' for his string of superb performances in the net.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
[RES] League vs 3M - Result: Lost 3-1 /more... [04th November 2007]
 - [RES] League vs FC Priestwood - Result: Lost 4-0
/more... [11th March 2007]
[RES] League vs Squirrels - Result: Drew 0-0 /more... [18th February 2007]
[RES] League vs Dukes Head - Result: Won 3-2 /more...  [10th September 2006]
League vs Real Ranelagh - Result: Won 1-0 /more... [RES] [05th February 2006]
 - Friendly vs Downshire Arms - Result: Won 9-4
/more... [20th March 2005]

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Dennaford: Its A Miracle! /more...  [10th February 2006]



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