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 Elliott Fairs


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Name: Elliott Fairs
Nicknames: Elz, Woodsman, Rock, The Machine, Fairsy, Woods, Woo, Pecker, Woodsy, Forlan
D.O.B: 02/07/1979
Aston Villa
Date Signed: 13/08/2001
Signed From/Other Clubs: NA
Registration No: 89
Profession: Land Forestry & Conservation Woodland Conservationist
Most Memorable Moment: TBA
Years Service:

- This Player is a Manic Legend with over 100 league appearances for the club!

Regarded almost as the 'machine' in the in the heart of the Manic's, Elliott Fairs has so far been the best ever holding midfielder to have worn a Manics shirt.

In his first season for the club, Fairs was awarded 'Manics 2001-2002 Goal of the Season' culminating in his strike against WH Rangers. Not only that, Fairs also won the clubs first annual golfing day competition, being honoured 'Manics 2001-2002 Annual Golfing Champion'.

Elliott translated the promise he showed into consistent top-draw performances, resulting in him being voted 'Manic's Player's Player 2001-2002,' and 'Manics Runners-up Manager's Player 2001-2002' concluding an excellent season for the Manics player.

Having overcome an a slight injury problem in his 2002-2003 season, Fairs fought his way back into the Manics first team, and silenced any critics by once again making the holding midfielder role his own. He then committed himself further to the 'Manics Cause' by signing again in August 2002.

Once again, in his 2002-2003 season, Fairs was a rock in midfield, and earnt 'Manics 2002-2003 Runners-up Player's Player'.

Then in his 2003-2004 Fairs went on to become 'Manics 2003-2004 Runners-up Player's Player' for the second time in his history with the club.

In his 2004-2005 season, Elliott Fairs went on to receive the captain's armband for the season, fulfilling his role to the best of his ability and filling a number of roles at the back undaunted by the tasks set. Fairs led the Manics to promotion in Division One, and lifted the cup at the end of the season. For his leadership quality, loyalty and commitment to the club, Elliott Fairs received 'Manics 2004-2005 Manager's Player'.

Since then Elliott Fairs has taken a step down, hanging his boots up at Christmas 2006. However Elliott Fairs continues to help the club on one or two more occassions, and he has signed again in 2007-2008 for the club if needed.
Elliott Fairs remains to be one of the longest serving Manics players to date playing from 2001 to the present season.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - League vs Downshire Arms - Result: Won 4-1
/more... [23rd January 2005]
 - Cup vs Dog & Partridge - Result: Lost 3-2
/more... [21st November 2004]
 - League vs William Twigg Res - Result: Won 2-1
/more... [14th November 2004]
 - League vs Birch Wanderers - Result: Lost 3-2
/more... [25th October 2004]
 - Friendly vs Royal Hunt - Result: Won 2-1
/more... [15th August 2003]
 - CUP: Manics 2 Dog & Duck Embrook 4
/more... [15th February 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 1 Ascot United 1
/more... [18th January 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 7 3M 1
/more... [16th November 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 2 AFC Dukes 3
/more... [19th October 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Syngenta 3 Manics 5
/more... [09th April 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Dog & Partridge 2 Manics 1
/more... [19th March 2003]
 - FREINDLY: Manics 2 Downshire Arms 1
/more... [12th January 2003]

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