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 Jason Graaff


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Name: Jason Graaff
Nicknames: Jay, Loco, Jase, Graaff
D.O.B: 25/09/1975
Date Signed: 14/02/2006
Signed From/Other Clubs: Taipei Animals
Registration No: 1229
Profession: Plumber
Most Memorable Moment: TBA
Years Service:

Jason Graaff joined the 1st team with fellow team mate Brent Marais in 2006. An asset to the team, Graaff played a large part in the teams flurry of points with his arrival at the club. Graaff quickly took up the reigns at the club and was brought in as coach in 2006.

However, 2006 wasnt to be Graaff's season. Playing for a saturday side, pre-season Graaff had major knee ligament damage and despite making one or two appearances in goal any attempt out on pitch was quickly snuffed out.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - Cup vs Saracens - Result: Lost 1-0 /more...  [1st] [05th May 2006]
 - League vs Finchampstead - Result: Won 2-0
/more...  [1st] [19th March 2006]
 - Cup vs Bracknell Rovers - Result: Won 9-1
/more...  [1st]  [26th February 2006] 


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