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 Tony Hemley


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Name: Tony Hemley

Nicknames: Tiger Tone, Slacks, Tiger, Hemley!

D.O.B: 22/06/1976


Date Signed: 18/09/2002

Signed From: NA

Registration No: 92

Years Service:

A late signing in the Manics 2002-2003 season, and old team-mate of Joel Curran, Tony Hemley has proved to be an irreplaceable club member for BMFC.

Hemley showed us his full capability in 2002-2003 by becoming both 'Manics Manager's Player 2002-2003' and 'Manics Player's Player 2002-2003'. Hemley had a fantastic season, and scored a magnificent volley against the Birch Wanderers to show he could be just as deadly up front than at the back as well.

2003-2004's season showed his consistencly as a top class defender, mainting yet again a great defensive record for the club, and saw Hemley yet again make some unbelieveable trademark challenges, the fans have come to love so much.

In his 2004-2005 season, Hemley moved from the local area but showed outstanding commitment to the club, agreeing to sign again for the club and deliver top-class performances at the back. Hemley had another successful season, earning 'Runners-up Player's Player 2004-2005' voted for by the players of BMFC.

Tony Hemley played his 2005-2006 career with the Reserves, but stood down at Christmas due to distance.

Tony's reading of the game and subsequent frequent last ditch saving tackles, along with his ability to smother opposition danger men as a top class man to man marker distinguish him from run-of-the-mill Sunday League defenders.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - League vs Bracknell Blades - Result: Drew 4-4 /more... [11th September 2005]
 - League vs Finchampstead Res - Result: Lost 2-1
/more... [28th November 2004]
 - League vs Bracknell Rovers - Result: Won 4-0
/more... [12th September 2004]
 - Friendly vs Woodley Hammers Rdng (Res) - Result: Won 4-3
/more... [22nd August 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 2 Birch Wanderers 1
/more... [22nd February 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Ascot United Res 3 Manics 1
/more... [12th October 2003]
 - FRIENDLY: Manics 3 Clarence Rovers 1
/more... [13th September 2003]
 - CUP: Manics 1 Finchampstead 0
/more... [12th March 2003]
 - CUP: Crown Wood Wanderers 0 Manics 1
/more... [26th February 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Birch Wanderers 2 Manics 1
/more... [27th January 2003]

Other related news:
 - Hemley: "Business as usual..." /more... [22nd June 2004]


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