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 Brian Judge


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Name: Brian Judge

Nicknames: Judgey, Judge, Brian Jugs, Judga, The Judge

D.O.B: 24/04/1983

West Ham United

Date Signed: 13/08/2001

Signed From: NA

Registration No: 93

Years Service:

Brian Judge first signed for the Manics in 2001, and since then has loved nothing more than to play for the club.

In his first season, Judge was awarded 'Manics Most Improved Player 2001-2002', outlining his excellent finish to the season to find his form.

2002-2003 was a tougher season for Judge, but neverthless Judge continued to fight and put in good performances when played.

Judge then went on to become 'Manics Most Improved Player 2003-2004' for the second time in his history with BMFC. He also scored his first competitive goal for the club against AFC Dukes, concluding a great season for the central defender.

Judge took a step down to the Reserves side in his 2005-2006 season to play first team football again. Judge agreed to the moved and accepted the role of Assistant Player/Manager for the side, and also took on the role of club captain for the side (later passing the responsibility of Captain to Chris Adams) as they started out their season in Division 4. Judge made first team appearances on many occassion and had a significant part to play in the squad winning Division 4 in 2006, even helping by scoring a couple of goals. Judge also enjoyed celebrating his goal so much he was awarded 'Bracknell Manics Reserves Goal Celebration of the Season 2005-2006'.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - [RES] League vs Finchampstead Ath Sun A - Result: Drew 2-2 /more... [21st October 2007]
 - League vs FC Priestwood - Result: Won 3-0 /more... [RES] [04th December 2005]
 - Friendly vs Royal Hunt - Result: Won 2-1
/more... [08th August 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 3 Dog & Duck Embrook 0
/more... [20th April 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 2 Finchampstead 2
/more... [04th January 2004]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 2 AFC Dukes 5
/more... [14th December 2003]
 - LEAGUE: Manics 5 Corporate Leisure 0
/more... [22nd April 2003]

Other related news:
 - Introducing The Judge - New Social Secretary for BMFC!
/more...  [03rd February 2006]


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