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 Nikos Patsalides


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Name: Nikos Patsalides
Nicknames: Kos, Boss, Nik the Greek, Nikos, Patsoe, D-Kog
D.O.B: 29/08/1979
Leeds United & West Ham United 
Date Signed: 13/08/2001
Signed From/Other Clubs: NA
Registration No: 96
Profession: Marketing Services/Web Design
Most Memorable Moment/s: Winning Division 2, Beating Dog & Duck Emmbrook 3-0. Also, watching Jimmy Ping fall on his backside whilst taking a throw-in on an icy pitch in a friendly vs Downshire Arms.
Years Service:

- This Player is a Manic Legend with over 100 league games in management for the club!

As Player/Manager Nikos loves his chances to get on the pitch, when he does he puts all into his game. Nikos is the youngest player/manager & club secretary to consecutivley take a new team to promotion 4 times in succession over a period of four years, and has made the club recognised by the Bracknell & District Sunday Football League as a well run outfit incurring no fines over the season's from 2002-2005.

2002-2003 was a fantastic season, with Patsalides taking the club to the Gowrings cup final, and finishing 3rd in the league. Then in 2003-2004, Nikos went on one better by winning the Division 2 league and taking the club into Divison 1.

In his 2004-2005 season, Nikos led BMFC to more league honours for the second consecutive season, winning Division One and taking the club to the Premiership of the BTDSFL.

With all the new players wanting to join the squad, Nikos made more history for the club by setting up the Bracknell Manics Reserves in 2005, and Nikos looked forward to his 100th league game and his 5th year in charge as he led the 1st team into the Premiership in the 2006-2007 season where the side made the Bracknell Sunday League Cup Final only to lose for the second time; and also finished mid table for the first year in the Premier Division.

2006-2007 saw a season of woe for the side with increasing injuries, a low number of squad players stretched between the two sides; on top of terrible weather conditions, abandoned matches and a number of opposing sides folding in the division. The Premiership was one of the worse divisions in over 20 years of Sunday league football, resulting in unsatisfied players and managers alike for the season. Injuries were so bad, even Patsalides was seen starting in matches, in particular one memorable match between Rides Utd and Bracknell Manics where Patsalides played a large part in a crucial league match and win where Manics played a 'man down' before his groin finally ruptured to end his footballing career.

As part of the Bracknell Sunday League Committee, Patsalides drafted in over 10 new sunday league sides who joined The Bracknell Town & District Sunday Football League for the 2007-2008 season to fix the dire Bracknell Sunday League situation of the previous year. Also sensing despair within the ranks of his own club; resulting in last seasons poor performance, Patsalides went on to pull a whole bunch of new players into the club, increasing his club to 3 teams; Bracknell Manics [1st], Bracknell Manics Reserves, and the newly Bracknell Manics 'A'. This saw Patsalides strike a new sponsorship deal with The Bridge, a move to a new & improved home ground and with it came new players - Patsalides brought together over 70 players aged 16 to 58 years old to strengthen his side ready to really push for what some have said and what is 'rumoured' could be his final season managing the 1st side in his 2007-2008 season.

BMFC Man of the match performances:
 - [1ST] League vs Hope & Anchor - Result: Won 2-1
/more... [9th September 2007]
 - League vs Crown Royals - Result: Won 7-1
/more... [06th March 2005]

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